Mounting and removal/installation of the camper

The module is attached to the body by means of cargo straps or screw couplers (talreps).

In the front part of the body there are two eyebolts with reinforcement of the mounting platform.

The rear module can be used for towbar or undercarriage mounting.

Installation of lifting eyebolts in the body is carried out by GEOCAMPER specialists when the module is sold.

You can also install them by yourself or in the workshop according to the attached sketch.

Thanks to the removable supports, the camper can be installed by one person within 20-25 minutes.

The supports are available as an option or can be made by yourself according to the enclosed drawings.

The supports are fixed in the module housing and then lifted alternately by a HiJack rack and pinion jack.

After the module is raised above the floor by 5-7 cm, you can leave.

The module remains on the supports.

If you plan to use the camper constantly or are preparing for a long journey, we recommend to equip the car with reinforced springs +400 kg or air suspension of the rear axle.

If your pickup truck is equipped with a rear axle air suspension, it will take no more than 10 minutes to remove the module.

All you have to do is to lift the body with pneumatic cylinders, insert the supports, lower the body and slowly move out.

During operation it is necessary to check the durability of fastening of the camper in the body.